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On Aug 1 my wife and I drove to Chicago for a brief vacation.
On Aug 2, my wife did not wake up and I called an ambulance. While in emergency I called Tugo to advise them of the crisis and put them in touch with the Admin staff at the hospital. After that I was able to deal with the crisis at hand without worries about the bill at the hospital.
After 5 days in Northwestern Hospital, I again called Tugo and advised them that I would like to go home and be treated in Canada. They said the most difficult part of that would be getting a hospital bed. I advised that the hospital bed was already arranged. They booked a flight for that evening and transportation was seamless. All ambulances and flight were taken care of.
Thank you for putting us in touch with Tugo for our Travel insurance needs

The Insured

We are nearing the end of our winter stay in Florida and luckily we have been, for the most part, trouble-free physically. We just wanted to tell you that, when we did need to see a doctor, we have nothing but high praise for Travel Secure. Anytime we phoned Tour Med they were very comforting and helpful. I now have a pretty bad case of bronchitis and was treated quickly and professionally by all concerned. One hopes they will never have to use their insurance but mishaps do happen. Now that we have actually used it, we are pleased to recommend you to all our snowbird friends and family. It is very comforting, when so far from home to have such a wonderful lifeline.